Service Dog Application

Note: New Horizons Service Dogs does not provide animals for Seizure Alert or Diabetic Coma. New Horizons only places service dogs to Florida Residence. 

Thank you for your interest in applying for a New Horizons Service Dog

The process is as follows:

  • The Service Dog Application form must be completed along with a recent photo.
  • The Medical History Form must be filled out by your primary care physician and returned directly to NHSDI.
  • A letter of reference must be submitted directly to NHSDI on your behalf by a non-family member.
  • Your eligibility will be determined when all of the above paperwork is received in our office and you will received an email letting you know your file is complete and you have been placed on the waiting list.
  • Please keep in mind that our waiting period can take up to 1 year. All eligible applicants remain on file until we are able to place each and every service dog with the client they are best suited for.
  • You will then hear from us, closer to the time of placement when we will request a personal interview.
  • There is not a cost for the service dog once placed with you. You are responsible for all costs related to a 2-week Team Training, in which you will come to our area to train with the dog every day for 2 weeks under our guidance and instruction. We also ask that you begin fund-raising now so that you are able to make a donation to New Horizons once a service dog is placed with you. You are also responsible for all costs relating to the dog’s care.

**Please remember to contact our office and update your file should any of your contact information change**