Raising Program

The backbone of our organization is the loving, dedicated raisers who help raise the puppies that become service dogs. If you have love to spare and a desire to improve the life of a person with disabilities, you can become a raiser. You do NOT have to be a dog trainer or have a lot of experience to be a raiser. Most raisers will tell you that they felt totally ignorant when they raised their first dog, despite many having had one or more dogs in their life before that time. Many people say, “Oh, I could never raise and love a dog and then turn it over to someone else!” But that’s exactly what raisers do, most more than once. Because as painful as it is to turn in a puppy, there is no prouder moment than handing the leash to the client after training is complete and knowing that because you were able to let go, you gave a person with disabilities a better life. Not to mention you get to do it all over again with another puppy, again and again.

Below are three different types of raisers.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with all of our volunteer options. Once you have decided what the best fit is for you and your family, please feel free to complete the appropriate application online or download it and send it to the office once it’s completed.