A Letter From a Service Dog

I’m a service dog — read why I’m so special!

I’m a service dog, and that makes me special. I get to go everywhere with my human partner so I can help if I’m needed. I’d like to tell you about my wonderful, exciting life!

I went to a special puppy-raiser’s home when I was just eight weeks old. My puppy-raiser taught me manners and obedience. I was socialized in lots of interesting places where I learned to ignore other people and concentrate on behaving correctly. I stayed with my puppy-raiser until I was old enough to go to “puppy college,” which the humans call advanced training.

In advanced training I learned to do special things to help the partner I hadn’t even met yet. I learned to pick things up and return them to my partner. I learned to open and close doors, and turn lights on and off. I learned to get things off high shelves. I learned to put my feet on a counter with money in my mouth in case my partner needs help paying for purchases. I even learned to pull a wheelchair in case I would ever be needed to do that. I learned the names of some important things, like the phone. All my partner has to say to me is, “Get the phone,” and I run and come back with the it in my mouth.

When I was really good at all those skills, I met my partner who then had to learn how to command me to accomplish such tasks. My partner had to learn to be my leader, and I had to learn to do what I was told by another person. It was hard work to go through Team Training together, but we did it. Now we are a real team. We go everywhere together.

We’re going to be partners forever. We love each other and depend on each other. We play together and have fun, but when it’s time for me to work, I’m ready. I’ll bet I’ve picked up my partner’s keys a million times already, but I love doing it. I’m always with my partner, and I never get stuck alone at home. Being a service dog is the best life a dog could have! I’m really lucky to be one!