Puppy Raiser

Being a service dog puppy-raiser is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Many feel it is so rewarding they do it over and over again. Puppies are usually placed with a puppy-raiser around 8 weeks of age. On occasion we have older puppies we can place in a home for raising.

Depending on the dog’s temperament and abilities, it usually goes to advanced training when the dog is around 18-20 months of age. After they successfully complete advanced training they are placed with a potential handler for Team Training. If they pass team training, the handlers will then officially graduate with their dog.

You do not have to be a dog trainer to be a puppy raiser. We have a wonderful group of people in our organization who will help you with every question you could ever possibly have about your puppy. However, we do have a few requirements you must be able to fulfill.

If you’re interested, please take a moment to fill out our Puppy-Raiser application